Mean Professors & Finals Week

Finals week… more like hell week.

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Unless you take effortless classes at college, finals are going to be arduous compared to high school finals. I know people who didn’t even take finals in high school. Pssh, they had no idea what they are in for.

Some of your teachers aren’t total douche bags. You might even actually like them. They will be the kind ones who don’t give cumulative finals, provide study guides, or don’t give a final. Appreciate them. Never let them go.

Then, there are the professors that hate you. These professors don’t care if they’ve been riding your ass all semester. They’re in this game of higher education to make you hate your life. They do pretty well, too.

Top 6 Things Mean Professors Do to Make You Hate Finals Week

1. The final is comprehensive.

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This is the ALL TIME worst thing a professor can do to you. I know, because I’m a biology major and every one of my science finals have been cumulative. Cumulative finals in biology classes make you cherish general studies.

Every other cruel thing professors do for finals is only made worse by giving a cumulative final. There must be a pool during finals week to see how many professors can give a final that makes at least five people cry. Put my money on Dr. V. Cash out with school loans paid for.

2. They assign a paper and a final.

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You might think this doesn’t sound so bad. You’ve had to study for tests and write papers at the same time throughout the school year so why should this be any different? It’s different, because it’s finals week.

Where are you going to find the time to study for the final—including all the rest of your finals—and write a 2000 word paper? Hello, 3 AM. Good bye, sleep. Plus, you are either freaking out about the tests you have or you’re drinking to forget that you’re freaking out about finals. Good luck, kid.

3. Your final takes the full two hour time limit.

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The length of your final depends on the overall douchiness of your teacher. Maybe they actually think you learned what was being taught during the second week of class. Oh, look, information from that video you were supposed to watch online.

This final will mentally exhaust you like no other test before. That’s a big no-no when you have another final roughly 30 minutes later. Don’t expect to have grace befall you; this is a VERY real possibility, at least in some majors.

4. They never handed back tests that you took during the semester.

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These are the teachers who give similar tests year after year. They don’t want tests being traded for beer money so they come up with the brilliant idea to not let you see the tests you took. The finals they give are always the same as well: cumulative.

These professors really upset me, because a great way to study for finals is to look at old test questions. But, no. Since some professors are lazy SOBs, students have to become creative. As to how creative, I cannot say. Stay in school, kids.

5. There’s no study guide.

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Especially when a test is comprehensive, it’s greatly appreciated when students are provided study guides that inform upon the students the most important points from previously learned subjects. When a teacher provides nothing to go off of, it can leave a student grasping at straws for what they should be studying.

No, I don’t expect a study guide. I never do anymore. I never did in high school. But when I see students in business classes and history classes receiving study guides, I see an injustice that could be easily fixed.

6. Your school doesn’t do Dead Week.

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I go to a school where we don’t have Dead Week. We have Dead Monday. This doesn’t make up for anything though. My state school generally starts a week earlier than the other universities in the state, but we usually get out at the same time. All I can say is WTF.

I genuinely think all students at every institution of higher education would benefit from having a week to study for the insanely difficult finals that have a tendency to be given. Squeezing the studying of 5 subjects into a three day weekend is impossible, especially when everyone is going out for the last time of the semester that weekend.

For the people who suggest that we should’ve started studying long ago, shut up because all though this is perfectly reasonable advice, I have chosen not to take it. For the people who say start studying during that week anyway, I’ve had to take tests in the week before finals. And then we still have a final in that class!

Life is certainly unfair.

I don’t mean to be a total Debby Downer during this post, but there are the hidden sides of college, like evil teachers. Different majors will deal with different styles of teaching. I unfortunately have chosen a major where very little teaching is done, but plenty of testing. One day it will be better?

Shout out to my comp teacher for not being one of these awful teachers that make me cry. She writes an awesome blog here if any of you are interested in some reading material! No, this isn’t some teacher’s pet thing; I just don’t want her to be offended by this post.

Any tips on getting through finals week in one piece? How do you RELAX during finals week? Is there any other way teachers have made finals and tests horrible? Tell me your experiences from finals week. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Again, I love college (oh, Asher Roth has an awesome song about this), but some things I could do without. I hear it builds character, or something?

Talk later, lovelies!

P.s. Click here to see some more fabulous memes about finals week, courtesy of Surviving College. (Love this blog!)


11 thoughts on “Mean Professors & Finals Week

  1. I have to say the pictures you used for this post made me laugh really hard. Why do you ask? Well, the answer is I’ve been there. I‘ve had a huge study packet and then the final exam has nothing from the packet on it. I’ve also calculated my final score to see what I would need to get in order to get a decent grade (Like a B). I agree with you that you need to appreciate those professors who don’t give cumulative finals, provide guides, or who don’t give a final. They are god sent and make finals week so much easier. I also loved group finals and you complete the final as a class. Those made for the best finals. I even had one professor that bought pizza for us while we were taking a final. It was great!

    • Who is the professor that bought pizza??? I must know! I don’t care if the class isn’t required to graduate, I will take it. Unless it’s hard, then I won’t take it. I take too many hard classes as is. I have to admit I have calculated my grades out as well and it’s nice to know when you only need like a 70 on the final to pass. But then there’s the other side of the coin where you need a 93 to get a B. So, stress levels vary.

  2. Before coming to college I had heard all these horror stories about finals week. I have yet to experience hell during finals week. Granted I’m an Early Childhood Education major so a lot of our stuff is common sense, but I still haven’t experienced any of the thing you’ve talked about! Can’t wait for the moment that I do experience it and it takes me completely off guard (not).

    • I’m going to take a wild guess and say you won’t have many, if any, classes like this. I know some older people with your major. While there are some assignments that sound like they may be difficult, I have never heard of them completely stressing finals week. You’re one of the lucky ones!

  3. I don’t know if professors do either of the 6 listed purposely, but I know for a fact that every professor I ever had did 1 of the 6. It may be to weed out the weak links or to better skills in that particular subject. Whatever their methods were I’d always tell myself I was going to benefit from this challenge. I remember in my history class for our final we had to answer questions from earlier in the semester. My teacher didn’t even provide a study guide so I had to review nearly every chapter in the book. I was frustrated at first but then I told myself there was no use in complaining so I got to studying. When test day arrived I felt confident and came out with a ‘B+’.

    • That’s great positive thinking! I wish I could always be in the mindset of “whatever doesn’t kill me, will only make me stronger” but biology finals in general make me sad, or stressed, or both. I’m going to have to dig deep in the coming years to make sure I don’t become too fried during undergrad. I have 3 more years of school after I get a degree!

  4. The part you say about students having a whole week to study for finals week is awesome because when I was at UNL we had dead week the week before finals and not just dead Monday that CSC does. One thing I have also noticed is that teachers are terrible about giving out study guides to help students with the test and 90 percent of the time they don’t even mention having one unless you ask them to make one up to help study and you get “well if I find time I’ll make one up” for an answer. You a teacher isn’t it your job to help us study to do the best we can. I have had teachers say that cumulative finals are a big joke so they don’t give them out but then I’ve also had teachers to where you have one test at midterm and then a finals test so you sit there and retain all the information throughout the entire semester and try to regurgitate all of it back out for things that you supposedly learned at the beginning of the years. I guess when finals week is all said and done about the best way to kick back and relax is with friends down at the local tavern or bar.

    • A cold drink always seems to be the answer. I had a teacher last year that our only grades were tests. Also there was some wackadoodle grading going on so it was impossible to calculate your own grade. Let’s just say teachers make things hard on themselves sometimes too!

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